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Why Your Child May Be Tried As An Adult Criminal

Posted by on Dec 21, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Why Your Child May Be Tried As An Adult Criminal

As a rule, minor criminal offenders are tried in juvenile criminal courts, but there are exceptions to this rule. If your child is facing a criminal offense, you should be prepared for the possibility of him or her being tried as an adult. Here are some of the laws that may make this possible: Judicial Waiver In some states, criminal court judges have the power to refer juvenile offenses to adult criminal courts. This is called a judicial waiver. Judges who invoke this power do it to deny the offenders the protections of juvenile courts, such as the automatic sealing of criminal records. If your child is being tried in a jurisdiction that allows judicial waiver, then the judge is likely to send him or her to an adult court if his or her offense is particularly egregious. For...

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What You Need To Know About Wrongful Foreclosure

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In the year 2014, there were more than one-million foreclosure filings made. While many of these foreclosures represented buyers who failed to meet the terms of their mortgage agreement, the harsh reality is that some of these filings were made against innocent people in a process known as wrongful foreclosure. Wrongful Foreclosure At its core, a wrongful foreclosure is a situation where a lender completes a foreclosure filing against a borrower based on misinformation or predatory lending practices. In some cases, it might appear that the foreclosure is legal on the surface, but when the case is investigated further, it’s revealed that it’s not. There are a number of scenarios that fall in this category. Misapplied Payments In this technologically-advanced era, errors are still possible. Something as small as a computer glitch can prevent payments from being correctly credited...

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