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Handle An Unpleasant Situation That Involves Being Stuck On A Malfunctioning Ferris Wheel

by Ruby Mckinney

Riding a Ferris wheel at a country fair will allow you to see the entire layout of the fair from a unique vantage point. But, what happens if the ride malfunctions and you are stuck at the top of the wheel for countless hours, just to find out that you have to climb down the ride's frame with only the aid of a safety harness and rope? Prepare yourself for an unpleasant scenario by reading the strategies that follow. 

Seek Inspection Details And Research History

Rides are required to be inspected after they are erected. Failing to do so could result in a hefty fine or lawsuit. Inquire about the status of the ride that you plan on getting on prior to attending the fair. If the Ferris wheel is a permanent fixture on the fairgrounds, you won't have to worry about the ride being put together in a hurry, and a sticker specifying the inspection date may be posted near the entryway to the ride.

Research history about the Ferris wheel, including accidents that have occurred in the past or malfunctions that resulted in the ride not moving smoothly around its track. If you discover any instances that cause you concern, avoid the Ferris wheel altogether and choose another amusement ride instead. 

Bring Your Phone And Wear Your Seat Belt 

Carry your cellphone on you so that you can contact the facilitator of the fair if the ride malfunctions and you are stuck at the top of the wheel and are not sure how long you will have to wait. A phone won't solve your dilemma, but reaching out to someone who is safely on the ground may provide you with reassurance that help is on the way and that you will soon be able to exit the Ferris wheel.

Wear your seat belt while on the ride so that you aren't in danger of slipping off the bench seat and falling out of the compartment that you are in. The seat belt will stabilize your body and prevent you from being forcefully ejected if the ride starts moving at a speed that is faster than how quickly it is programmed to move.

Use Your Judgment Before Disembarking And Seek Legal Aid

If you are provided with the option to exit the ride via harness and rope, use your judgment before exiting the Ferris wheel. If you are scared of heights and are wary about exiting the compartment while it is off of the ground, you may be too nervous to maneuver safely down the frame and could injure yourself severely.

Stay put if the ride is going to be repaired in a reasonable amount of time and you can exit the compartment in a normal manner. If you are injured in any way, due to the ride malfunctioning or upon your exit, it is imperative that you seek justice.

A personal injury attorney will assist with proving that the owner or operator of the ride was negligent and did not sufficiently protect you or the other customers. You may be awarded a monetary settlement that will assist with any physical or psychological damage that you incurred as a result of the malfunctioning of the ride.