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What To Know About Hidden Injuries After An Accident

by Ruby Mckinney

A common mistake that people make after getting into an accident is assuming that they are not injured. You may be lacking physical injuries at the time, or have high adrenaline at the time and feel like you're okay. This can give you a false sense of security at the time of the accident, and lead you to think that you're fine. However, you may actually have other injuries that are simply not apparent right after the accident. Here is what you need to know about hidden injuries.

Injuries May Show Up Later On

It's possible that you won't notice your injuries until hours, days, or weeks after an accident happens. You may start experiencing muscle tightness as your body becomes sore, or you have a more painful injury that is taking your attention away from minor injuries. Once that first injury is healed, you may notice other issues that are now apparent when they were not before. An injury can also cause another injury to occur afterward. For example, not being able to put pressure on your foot may cause you to develop hip pain because of how you are walking.

Working with a lawyer is going to help identify those injuries before you notice them yourself. Since they work with many cases like yours, they have a history of dealing with similar cases and predict what complications you may run into. Your lawyer is going to know to ask for compensation to cover that hip pain based on the foot injury before you even start to experience it.

Accidents Should Be Followed Up With A Doctor Visit

If you think that you are not injured, you may want to get treated by a doctor to see if anything is wrong. While it can be scary to go to the doctor and potentially face the expensive bills associated with medical treatment, know that your health is what is most important. If you did suffer a hidden injury as a result of your accident, all these costs will be reimbursed after a personal injury lawsuit.

Your lawyer can encourage you to meet with the right specialists so that your injury can be documented. They are aware of the evidence needed to prove your hidden injury in court and will encourage you to receive the proper treatment that is needed. Without these follow up visits, you could be losing out on compensation for injuries that you are not aware of. Contact a personal injury attorney for more information.