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Protecting Yourself When Facing A DUI Charge

by Ruby Mckinney

Drinking too much alcohol and then driving a vehicle can be a serious mistake to make. In addition to the risks of being involved in an accident, a person could also be arrested and criminally charged with driving under the influence. While this is among the more common criminal charges that people can face, there are many that will not have the information needed to adequately defend themselves.

You Can Be Under The Legal Limit And Still Face DUI Charges

There is an assumption that some people will have that they can only be charged with a DUI if they are over the legal limit for blood alcohol content. While this can be an understandable assumption to make, it should be noted that this is not required. A person could be under this legal limit and still be impaired enough to be unable to legally operate their vehicle.

A DUI Defense Attorney Can Be Instrumental When Facing This Charge

In the event that you are charged with a DUI, it is important to seek the services of a defense attorney as soon as possible. These professionals will have the expertise needed to be able to represent and defend their clients against these charges. Unfortunately, there are some individuals that will assume there is little point in contesting or defending themselves against these charges, which can lead to them failing to seek this type of representation. In reality, there can be many effective defense strategies that can be used in these situations, and there may also be mitigating circumstances that could lessen the severity of the penalties. A DUI defense attorney will be able to offer the legal counsel and representation that is needed to effectively assess the full range of options that are available to the defendant.

Rehab Or Monitoring Can Be Required For Those Convicted Of DUI

When a person is convicted of a DUI, they may assume that this only means that they will have to pay an expensive fine or even lose their license for a brief period. However, there can be other penalties that are imposed as well. In some cases, the defendant may be required to undergo substance addiction treatments as well as receive regular tests to monitor for the presence of alcohol. If these requirements are imposed, it is important to ensure that you are following them as closely as possible. Failing to adhere to these requirements can lead to your license being revoked, additional fines, and even jail time.