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Protect Yourself By Learning How To Recognize Sexual Harassment

by Ruby Mckinney

According to one study, more than 50% of people surveyed had experienced some form of sexual harassment within the workplace. While a common occurrence, the unfortunate reality is that there are a number of people who have been victims of sexual harassment, but were unaware of the signs. Contrary to popular belief, sexual harassment comes in many different forms. Make sure you notice how to recognize sexual harassment to keep yourself protected.


Promotions, raises and other merits within the workplace should be granted based on performance, not based on inappropriate request. When an individual makes an inappropriate request, such as a request for a sexual favor, with the promise that they will grant you an advancement in the workplace, this is sexual harassment. Even if this request is only proposed to you a single time, this is sexual harassment that warrants immediate attention.  


Sexual harassment can also be defined as an individual forwarding you inappropriate literature within the workplace. For example, say a coworker has a proactive or sexually explicit magazine. In an effort to try and entice you, a perpetrator might leave the literature on your desk. Although the individual didn't touch you or even say anything to you, this is also considered inappropriate behavior that should be reported. In addition to magazines and pictures, email communications also fail within this category.


A commonly overlooked form of sexual harassment is inappropriate questioning, such as personal questions pertaining to your sexual nature. One reason this form of harassment often gets overlooked is that it is not as overt as some other forms. The individual is not asking you to perform any acts or even showing you any inappropriate content. However, questions about sexual positions, frequency or any questions that involve this part of your life are all inappropriate and should not be tolerated.

Don't Stand Alone

If you or a loved one have been victimized by sexual harassment, make sure you are speaking out. Any inappropriate behavior should be immediately reported to a supervisor, or the proper chain of command, for swift action. Even after you have reported this information, don't feel like you have to stand and fight this battle alone. Contact an attorney, such as Davis George Mook, if you have questions as to what constitutes harassment.

You also don't have to blame yourself. An attorney will be more than willing to stand with you and protect your rights against unwanted advances within the workplace. With an attorney working with you, your case will be handled delicately and with your pain and suffering in mind.

Sexual harassment is a serious issue. If you have been victimized, don't take this lightly. Make certain you are taking action to stand up for yourself.