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  • What To Know About Hidden Injuries After An Accident

    14 December 2020

    A common mistake that people make after getting into an accident is assuming that they are not injured. You may be lacking physical injuries at the time, or have high adrenaline at the time and feel like you're okay. This can give you a false sense of security at the time of the accident, and lead you to think that you're fine. However, you may actually have other injuries that are simply not apparent right after the accident.

  • How To Prepare For Your Personal Injury Deposition

    13 November 2020

    After you are injured in an accident, you may find yourself filing a personal injury lawsuit. These lawsuits are not uncommon, but you may still find yourself asking questions. One of those questions may regard depositions. After all, most people will never be involved in the deposition process. So, how can you prepare to give a deposition during your personal injury case? This is what you need to know. Remember: You Aren't On Trial

  • Is A Prenuptial Agreement Right For You?

    16 October 2020

    Are you getting married and not sure if you should get a prenuptial agreement with your spouse? Even though you hope that your marriage will last a lifetime, there is a possibility that it can fail. A prenuptial agreement is a contract between two people that help describe the rights of each person if they were to get divorced. However, there are some pros and cons of getting a prenuptial agreement that you need to be aware of.

  • What Are the Odds an Attorney Will Litigate a Case for Free?

    15 September 2020

    It's no secret suing for damages can be expensive which, unfortunately, stops a lot of people from pursuing the compensation they deserve. If you can't afford to hire an attorney, you may be wondering if you can get one to work for free. It's possible, but here are two things lawyers consider before taking on pro bono work. Does the Case Align With Their Personal Interests? Most lawyers do free legal work at some point in their careers, but they tend to be picky about the type of cases they accept.

  • What Can You Do If You Are Injured On The Job Without Witnesses

    13 August 2020

    Getting injured on the job is likely a fear that many employees have regardless of their work industry. Injuries on the job can happen during some job duties that the average person would consider safe employment. The injuries sustained may be as minor a paper cut or scraped skin, but serious issues such as back injuries, eye injuries, and broken bones can also occur.  Individuals who have concerns about their job security might be reluctant to report injuries they get on the job.

  • Legally Dealing With The Consequences Of A Car Accident

    16 July 2020

    Some of the most traumatic car accidents are the ones that happen when a driver doesn't expect it, such as while waiting for a streetlight to turn green. Not only does a driver have to deal with the trauma of getting hit from behind in such a case, but the impact of the collision can cause them to slam into the vehicle that is in front of their car. When there are multiple collisions in a single accident, placing the blame on a specific driver can be a little more complicated than when there are only two drivers.

  • How An Environmental Law Practice Can Help Your Business Go Green

    16 June 2020

    Going green can help your business in more ways than you may realize. Not only does it help your business do its part to protect the planet, but it also helps you do all the following: Keep in compliance with local, state, and federal environmental guidelines. Save money. Boost employee morale. Expand your customer base to include earth-conscious consumers. Working with an environmental law practice can help you keep your business on the right path toward greener operations so you enjoy all these benefits and more.

  • Is Your Divorce Going to Trial? What to Know about Divorce Depositions

    12 May 2020

    Are you being asked to give a deposition as part of your divorce before it goes to trial? If so, here are a few things that you should know about this part of the process.  When a Deposition Is Necessary A deposition is not always required in a divorce, but it is sometimes necessary when a lawyer wants to establish facts about the divorce before starting the trial. It is common to be asked various questions about finances and accounts that you hold, any health issues you are experiencing, parenting questions, or questions regarding fault over the divorce.

  • When Is It Entrapment?

    6 April 2020

    One of the most widely misunderstood concepts in American law is the notion of entrapment. The legal definition of entrapment is an action by the police, a prosecutor, or another law enforcement official that encourages or forces a person to commit a crime. Especially given how involved certain figures, such as undercover cops, can be in investigations, it may seem like there's ample opportunity for entrapment to happen. If someone asks a criminal defense attorney to consider such an argument, though, they should be prepared to have at least one of the three following conversations.

  • Dos And Don'ts Of Dealing With An Injury From A Neighbor's Backyard Rink

    27 January 2020

    If you live in a state with cold winters, you probably won't have to look very far to see a neighbor who has turned part of his or her yard into a skating rink. Outdoor skating rinks in yards provide hours of entertainment for neighborhood children, but they can occasionally be a risk to local residents. One type of issue that you could face is to be hit with a flying hockey puck while walking past the yard.