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What Can You Do If You Are Injured On The Job Without Witnesses

by Ruby Mckinney

Getting injured on the job is likely a fear that many employees have regardless of their work industry. Injuries on the job can happen during some job duties that the average person would consider safe employment. The injuries sustained may be as minor a paper cut or scraped skin, but serious issues such as back injuries, eye injuries, and broken bones can also occur. 

Individuals who have concerns about their job security might be reluctant to report injuries they get on the job. They may fear the possibility of getting terminated by their employer or becoming a target for harassment.

Workplace injury scenarios can become more complicated when certain issues such as not having witnesses to a workplace accident arise. Some employers may find these situations questionable and may make employees feel as though there is not any recourse for them. It may still be possible to win workers' compensation if you are injured in a job incident and have no one who can vouch that they saw the accident occur. The following are some suggestions you can use to improve your odds.

Promptly Report the Incident

You may be embarrassed or fearful after a work accident. You may falsely assume that you do not need or will not need medical attention. The issue with this reasoning is that some injuries may not be immediately evident. In cases where the injured party is the only witness, time is of the essence because there is no one else to confirm or deny what happened or how it happened. Prompt reporting could help with the validity of the claim. 

Make Mental Notes 

You may not have access to a pen and paper or be able to write. However, if you are coherent, ensure that you try to remember as much as possible about how you got injured.

Even though no one may have been physically present, perhaps there are things that could help strengthen your claim. There may have been video surveillance footage recording for security that may have captured the incident. Safety issues such as spilled liquids or cords running across the floor may still be in the same place they were at the time of an incident.

A workers' compensation attorney is a good resource to use to determine the appropriate actions to take in regards to your specific workplace accident. They cannot determine whether your case will get denied or approved. However, they will know the employment laws in your area. They can also help initiate the appeals process if your initial claim gets denied.

To learn more, contact a workers' compensation attorney.