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Is A Prenuptial Agreement Right For You?

by Ruby Mckinney

Are you getting married and not sure if you should get a prenuptial agreement with your spouse? Even though you hope that your marriage will last a lifetime, there is a possibility that it can fail. A prenuptial agreement is a contract between two people that help describe the rights of each person if they were to get divorced. However, there are some pros and cons of getting a prenuptial agreement that you need to be aware of.

Pro: You'll Talk About Finances Before You're Married

Even if you do not move forward with a prenuptial agreement, you may find that a talk about your finances before getting married can be a real eye-opener in a good way. You'll need to know what assets and debts each person has that are being brought into the marriage since you will manage them together at some point if you remain married. You may be surprised how many couples do not talk about finances before they decide to tie the knot.

Pro: You'll Be Able To Protect Your Property

If you have certain assets that you are bringing into the married, such as real estate, vehicles, and things of that nature, you may be wondering what happens to them if you are married and later get a divorce. It can be a good idea to be very specific about what would happen with these assets after a divorce so that you know they are protected. For example, if you already have purchased a home and your spouse will be moving into, you may want it to be clear that the house will still belong to you if you were to get divorced. 

Con: You May Be Viewed As If You're Casting Doubt

Many people decide to not discuss a prenuptial agreement because they are afraid of how their spouse will react. It may come off as being doubtful about how long the marriage will last, and cause some tension as your wedding day approaches. If you're having honest conversations about finances with your spouse before the wedding, this should hopefully not be a problem.

Con: You May Cause Cause Conflict

The last thing that any engaged couple wants is to cause conflict right before their wedding day. Many people shy away from even mentioning a prenuptial agreement because they do not want to start an argument over a legal document that may never be used. You must decide if your spouse is understanding about a prenuptial agreement and would be on the same page before you have a family lawyer draft one for you. 

For more information about prenuptial agreements and family law, contact a local lawyer.