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3 Ways A Social Security Attorney Can Help You

by Ruby Mckinney

If you want to receive compensation for an injury you sustained at work, you may need to rely on the expertise of a social security attorney to do so. There is a great deal of paperwork that must be completed and it's important to get these done accurately to improve your chances of receiving payment.  By knowing specific ways your attorney can assist you, you can be more prepared to get the money you need.

Filing a Claim

Just because you take the time to fill out the necessary information to file a claim doesn't guarantee you'll be able to receive it. In fact, studies indicate that from 2001 to 2010 over 53% of disability cases were denied. This shows the many challenges that are faced by getting successfully getting your claim approved.

The answers you provide to the claim must be precise and detailed, fully responding to any questions. Additionally, you should have the necessary proof on hand that will indicate the extent of your injuries, such as from a doctor's office.

Provide Expertise

Dealing with a situation of this magnitude will require the expertise of social security attorney, such as one from Gieg Law Offices. There are many procedures that must be completed in addition to filing the claim.

Most of the specialized attorneys have relationships with judges who may make the final decision regarding your case. This allows your lawyer to know the personality of a judge who is reviewing your case and can be helpful in getting your claim approved.

Make an Appeal

If your claim is unfortunately denied, you will need to move forward with an appeal, and this can be a difficult process and a complex one. There are many rules that must be followed, and one of these requires filing the appeal within 60 days after the denial.

Additionally, many forms must be completed, and a couple of these are listed below:

1. SSA-3441, Disability Report-Appeal

2. SSA-827, Authorization to Disclose Information

There are others, as well, but these two will start the process, and it's necessary to have a legal expert in this area to help you get the best appeal results.

Being injured can be devastating to your mentality and your financial situation. If you're dealing with this issue, you will want to consult with a social security attorney immediately to help you. By having a long meeting with this legal expert, you can determine the chances of your getting financial help.