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Two Tips To Help You Get An Attorney When You're Low On Cash

by Ruby Mckinney

If you're currently facing criminal charges, one of the most critical things you can do is obtain a criminal defense attorney.  However, if you're low on funds, you may think that getting a good lawyer is out of your financial reach.  Don't let your budget limitations keep you from getting the quality representation that you deserve.  Use this information to learn more about how you can hire an attorney when you're low on funds.

Contact A Local Legal Aid Society

When you need criminal defense on a budget, the first thing you should do is contact your local legal aid society.  These organizations are comprised of lawyers who may be willing to take on your case without charging a fee.

The reason why the attorneys who work with legal aid societies can administer their services for free is because they are funded with grants and government monies.  If you apply for help with one of these associations and are chosen, you'll find that you can get the legal help you need without having money come out of your pocket.

Keep in mind that some legal aid societies work on an income-level basis. This means that if your income exceeds a certain threshold, you may have to pay a portion of the legal fees yourself.  Even if this is the case, you may find the partial fee that you're charged is more in line with your budget restrictions.

Seek Out A Pro Bono Attorney

Another good method you can use to get legal assistance on a budget is to seek out pro bono attorneys.  These are legal professionals who extend their help to the public for free.

Some lawyers who work on a pro bono basis do not widely publicize this free help. That's why you must do the footwork and call around to different law firms to find out if pro bono services are available.  Some lawyers who are usually paid by their clients choose to take on a few pro bono cases every month or year.  If you're willing to be diligent in your search, you may be able to find one of these attorneys so you can have legal representation before you face your criminal court case.

Getting the legal help that you need doesn't have to depend on your income.  When you need a lawyer, use these tips so you can get legal representation even if you're short on cash.