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2 Ways That An Auto Accident Lawyer Can Help Strengthen Your Case

by Ruby Mckinney

One of the most important calls that you can make after being involved in an auto accident is to an accident lawyer, mostly because of the many ways in which he or she can help you increase the chances of winning your case and getting the money that you deserve. Listed below are two ways that an auto accident lawyer can help you strengthen your case.

Investigate The Events Leading Up To The Accident

One of the most important ways that an attorney can strengthen your case is by investigating the events leading up to your accident. This is vital because one of the most common defense strategies used by a person who has caused an accident is to try and push the blame onto the victim. Not only can this lead to you having to pay for every accident-related expense on your own if the strategy is successful, but you may even find yourself being held liable for the medical and repair expenses of the person who actually cause the accident.

However, your attorney will investigate the accident in order to compile evidence to help prevent the blame from being dropped on you. One piece of evidence that your attorney can use is the responsible party's phone records to determine if he or she was on a call or texting just before the accident occurred, which can lay the blame firmly on him or her. Another piece of evidence that the attorney will look for are any eyewitness accounts or police reports of the accident that state that the responsible party was driving aggressively, swerving around, or simply driving way too fast and recklessly.

Negotiate A Settlement

Another way that an auto accident lawyer can help you with your case is by making sure that any settlements that you accept are actually beneficial. This is vital because accepting a settlement offer means that you can no longer sue at a later date for more money if it turns out that the settlement that you accepted did not provide enough money for your medical care or vehicle repairs.

However, an attorney can help negotiate a favorable settlement because he or she will be able to use documentation from your doctor in order to estimate how much money you will need to pay for that care and make sure that you receive at least that amount. That medical documentation can be used as leverage to increase the amount that is offered by the insurance company or to convince a judge to give you a larger award if the insurance company refuses to increase their settlement offer. In addition, the attorney can also try to negotiate a larger settlement to cover lost wages if your doctor says that you cannot return to work for some time.

Contact an auto accident lawyer or law firm today to discuss how they may be able to assist with your particular case. An attorney can strengthen your case by investigating the events leading up to the accident and by negotiating a favorable settlement on your behalf.