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Hire An Experienced Divorce Lawyer To Represent You In Your Divorce Case

by Ruby Mckinney

No one really goes into a marriage with divorce thoughts in mind. Falling in love, marrying and deciding to have children and living happily ever after is an exciting time for a couple. Stuff happens, and disagreements grow into resentments. Sometimes there is no resolution. So unfortunately people decide to divorce each other. That's where a lot of problems begin for now you have to make adult decisions about a lot of things. Child visitation rights for each spouse is a big deal. It can be a mind-bending experience. So hiring an experienced divorce attorney to represent you in your divorce case is the best way to cope and make proper decisions.

Making Important Decisions

Divorce can become a minefield. You have to make all types of important decisions including how to share your assets. Yes your marital property must be legally divided and shared. Who is going to pay alimony and how much alimony is enough? Debts have to be paid, and child custody arrangements must be agreed upon. Avoid anger and approach the process with patience and understanding.

Community Property

Your divorce attorney is the one who will guide you through this maze of things you have to do. If you're living in an equal division state, expect that you and your spouse will receive half of the marital estate. In that case, everything both of you acquired since your marriage is counted as community property. That explains why you'll both receive an equal half of your community property, which includes liabilities and assets. Properly document a list that covers everything you own. Your attorney will help you to determine what items can be designated as gifts. You'll have to explain that the gift was for you specifically.

Create List With Two Sub-Headings

Go ahead and prepare that list, which shows all the property each of you own. Create two separate sub-headings on that list to define community property and property that falls under gifts you personally own. Be aware that if you fail to properly disclose your debts, assets, income and your property, a divorce court ruling will be imposed on you for failing to document needed requirements.

Your Attorney Is There For You

If you become confused about requirements, your attorney will guide you through the process. Just ask for clarification and you'll get that service from your divorce lawyer. If you and your spouse are at a standstill and won't budge about who gets the family home, you may have to sell the home and divide the proceeds. A more reasonable agreement would be for one of you to get the home, and the other one receives other items that equally match the worth of the home.