A Law Career

Everything You Need To Know About Tax Attorneys

by Ruby Mckinney

Tax attorneys are a type of lawyer that specializes in tax laws. If you've found yourself in trouble with the IRS, tax attorneys are a great resource to invest in to represent and fight for you. 

What Do Tax Attorneys Do?

Tax attorneys can help in many different ways, including: 

  • Advising you on tax liabilities when buying or selling a business
  • Helping you prepare for audits
  • Advising you on owning a business overseas
  • Advising you on estate planning taxes
  • Representing you in the case of tax fraud
  • Helping you figure out back taxes

Do You Need to Hire a Tax Attorney? 

Hiring a tax attorney is a personal choice; you do not have to have an attorney by your side. However, it is a good idea to have one, especially if you are in trouble with the IRS for not paying back taxes or if you have committed tax fraud. Tax attorneys have studied and practiced effective ways to go up against the IRS. 

They are specialized attorneys in all things tax-related. If you're experiencing your first time being audited, you may also want help through that process. Being audited is scary, and having someone who knows what to expect to help you can ease your nerves some. 

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Tax Attorney?

The cost of hiring a tax attorney will vary widely depending on the firm and the location of the firm. Either tax attorneys will charge you a flat-rate fee to advise and represent you or they can charge hourly. 

Of course, if your case does end up going to court, the cost of your attorney will go up exponentially. Most lawyers will charge more if it turns out they will need to appear in court with you. 

How Do You Become a Tax Attorney?

Becoming a tax attorney can be a lengthy process. You will need to:

  1. Receive a high school diploma
  2. Receive a bachelor's degree in business or accounting. 
  3. Complete the law school admission test and enroll in law school. This can take a year or so if you're struggling to find the right school for you.
  4. Receive a law degree. 
  5. Complete the bar exam. 

You can also go on to receive a certificate for tax law. 

Keep in mind, when searching for law schools, that they may have to be accredited by the American Bar Association for you to be able to take the bar exam. If you take the bar exam in one state but move to a new state, you may need to take a new bar exam and receive a new license. 

What Is a Tax Attorney's Salary?

Just like all jobs, salaries will vary depending on the company and location of the company. The average tax attorney's salary in the US is around $97,608 per year

Contact tax attorneys in your area to learn more.