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Tips To Educate Yourself On Divorce Issues

by Ruby Mckinney

Many people find divorce issues complicated. The complications can easily lead to divorce mistakes. Unfortunately, mistakes in the divorce process can cause you time and money. Below are some tips to learn more about the divorce process and issues.

Research State Laws Online

Divorce laws vary by state. State laws differ on:

  • Separation or waiting periods
  • Residency requirements
  • Child and spousal support

Most states have online resources for divorce laws and regulations. Research your state's laws if you plan to divorce in your state. Otherwise, research the laws of the state with jurisdiction on your case. For example, if you are from Oregon but have always lived in California, California has jurisdiction over your case.

You can also research divorce laws on other legal websites. For example, many law firms use blogs to educate the public on legal matters. Make sure the blogs you read relate to your state's laws unless you are reading for general advice and not legal knowledge.

Join Divorce Support Groups

Those who have experienced divorce understand how complicated, emotional, and expensive it is. In many places, such people come together and form divorce support groups to help those contemplating divorce, going through a divorce, and recent divorcees.

Join such a divorce group for valuable help. For example, a divorce support group may help you:

  • Get referrals to great divorce lawyers
  • Get recommendations for professionals, such as financial professionals, who may help with your divorce
  • Vent your emotions
  • Understand that you are not the only one with divorce problems

Some divorce support groups cater to specific genders, while others welcome everyone.

Participate In Divorce Workshops

A divorce workshop is a one-stop shop for all divorce resources and issues. Divorce workshops handle various issues, such as:

  • Financial issues
  • Legal issues
  • Family issues

Unlike divorce support groups, divorce workshops give you a chance to learn from professionals. Divorce attorneys, financial advisors, and counselors are some people who run the workshops.

Consult a Divorce Lawyer

A divorce lawyer should be your go-to professional for all legal issues relating to your divorce. A divorce lawyer can help you:

  • File divorce papers correctly
  • Fight for your fair share of a divorce settlement
  • Negotiate or litigate child and spousal support
  • Fight your child custody battle
  • Get up-to-date divorce laws in your state

Consult a lawyer as early as possible in your divorce.

Hopefully, you will get enough information to help you navigate the divorce process. Follow your divorce lawyer's advice to the letter for the best results.