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3 Common Questions About Buying A Lemon Vehicle

by Ruby Mckinney

When a vehicle is described as a lemon, it typically means that the car is not functioning as it should. There are problems with it that can leave a bad taste in your mouth, much like if you were to suck on a lemon. Here are some questions you are likely to have if you are in a situation where you own a lemon car. 

Are There Laws Protecting You From Buying A Lemon?

Every single state has its own laws to protect consumers from buying a lemon car. That is why it is important to be familiar with your local laws and how they apply to you. Some common criteria include how many times a vehicle breaks down, or how many days it has been in the shop to be repaired over a specific period of time.

What Happens If Your Car Is A Lemon By Law?

If your car meets the definition of a lemon, then you have the right to get your money back. However, this is where it is going to become tricky, because the manufacturer is not going to just give you the money back that you owe for the vehicle. They are likely going to fight it, even if the car cannot be fixed. Many states have laws that not only allow you to get the cost of the vehicle back, but you can even sue for lawyer fees that were required to be paid in order to file the lawsuit. 

In addition, you can also receive compensation for money that you have paid out of your own pocket in relation to repair fees. Since these repair costs are all related to a defective car that was sold to you, your lawyer will help make sure that you are reimbursed properly for repairs. 

Can A Used Car Be Considered A Lemon? 

While most lemon laws apply to brand-new vehicles, there are some provisions for used vehicles as well. The main time this applies is if the used car has a manufacturer's defect, rather than the problem being a car that is old and falling apart. It will help to work with a lawyer that specializes in lemon laws to identify if the vehicle is actually a lemon or if you just have bad luck. 

Do you still have questions about your lemon car? Reach out to a lawyer in your area that specializes in this side of the law. For more information on lemon law, contact a professional near you.